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Employee Portal

AMDEX and Avar Timesheet

Employment Verification Process

The actions listed below must be taken by workers (both present and ex), in order to authorize the release of their employment and/or salary information to another third-party verifier:
  1. Visit www.theworknumber.com or dial 1-800-367-2884to get your employee authorization and/or a 6-digit Salary Key, which the verifier will need if income verification is required. Employer code (105355 for AMDEX) and an eight-digit PIN are needed for the initial login (initial PIN is comprised of the last 4 SSN and 4-digit birth year of the employees; for example, 12341966). The first time an employee logs in; a request to generate a special PIN will appear.
  2. Give the employee’s social security number, AMDEX employer code 105355, employee authorization, and/or 6-digit Salary Key to the third party verifier.
  3. For the delivery of employment/income verification data, the third-party verifier will get in touch with The Work Number through www.theworknumber.com or by dialing 1-800-367-5690and give the employee permission and/or Salary Key.