"The Reward for Work Well Done Is The Opportunity to Do More" -Jonas Salk

About Us

What Do We Do?

As a pioneer in data science, we develop, update, automate, protect, and connect corporate applications and systems that identify, analyze, refine, and generate data to support different decisions.

Who Are We?

We are professionals in data science who use artificial intelligence to manage data at different steps in the data lifecycle (generating, gathering, processing, distributing, utilizing, and storing data).

Why Do We Do It?

We do it in order to make a significant impact with the analytics.

How Do We Do It?

Through robust communication, constant innovation, expertise in the data science life cycle, and lifelong learning.

Our Story

What Do We Do?

The fundamental idea of service lies at the heart of AMDEX. Our services and solutions are consistently evaluated based on how well they benefit our clients. We are dedicated to excellence in execution.


To become the industry leader in providing data science technologies.


To improve the quality of life of Americans through informative data-driven insights.

The Power of Our People.

Just a few of our amazing people.
Herman picture
Herman Singh

EVP, AMDEX / President Avar Consulting

Wendy picture
Wendy Gary

Executive Director BFCC-QIO Operations

Mike Repie
Mike Repie

Assistant Director, Healthcare Services