We Provide Excellent Service to Ensure the Best AmdeXperience for You

When you collaborate with AMDEX, you can expect:

  • Easy and streamlined processes
  • Timely and high quality delivery of service
  • Consistency
  • Innovative strategies and solutions

AMDEX implements critical tools and techniques to streamline business practices and develop, maintain and optimize technology infrastructure. As a Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) Level 3-certified organization, we demonstrate our proven ability to successfully manage development, operations, and maintenance of products and services in the following areas:

AmdeXperience DevOps & Agile icon

AX | DevOps & Agile

We value and understand the benefits of creating a community of operations staff and development engineers in collaborating throughout the development lifecycle. So we have merged two major technology trends, DevOps and Agile approches, to provide you with the best service and most innovative solutions while keeping costs low.

AmdeXperience Project Management icon

AX | Project Management

AMDEX implements the critical tools and techniques that government agencies need to streamline their business practices and develop, maintain, and optimize their technology infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure our clients benefit from enhanced efficiency and seamless implementation.

AmdeXperience Health IT

AX | Health IT

To advance innovative health programs, AMDEX provides collaborative, integrated solutions that make research make sense. Our specialized domain experts help our clients leverage the use of cutting-edge technology to support their research initiatives.

AmdeXperience Digital Strategies & Solutions

AX | Digital Strategies & Solutions

The rapid pace of technological change makes it harder for government agencies to keep up with the latest tools, systems, trends, and the ever-evolving desires of today’s technology-savvy consumers. AMDEX offers proven, innovative solutions to help our clients maximize their technical capabilities.

AmdeXperience Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure icon

AX | Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure

AMDEX secures critical infrastructure systems and assets to help protect our national security, economy, governance, public health and safety, and morale.