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Governance & Compliance

Customers acquire the Authority to Operate through assistance with assessment and authorization process


Information Assurance

Customers protect their information assets such as PII and PHI


Threat Protection

Customers vulnerabilities to threats are identified, analyzed, and neutralized


Response and Resilience

Customers build resilience into operations through practices such as code development, analysis checkpoints, security control assessments, and penetration testing


Infrastructure Support

Customers are able to prolong facility infrastructure investments through expert advisory services and innovative management

AMDEX ensures our customers information and assets are protected. We help customers navigate compliance with Government security requirements to acquire Authority to Operate, safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) through training, cyber security, and physical safeguards. We conduct vulnerability analysis and recommend solutions to mitigate threats proactively. If incidents occur, we work with customers to immediately diagnose, contain, and resolve issues. We help customers extend the longevity of their investments in facilities through improved power, mechanical, and environmental management.
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