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CEO’s Message

Achieving More by Delivering Excellence…

These are remarkable times in the business world. People empower technology, technology empowers innovation, the landscape changes and the cycle begins again. However, one thing has always held true over the years, which is, success can’t be achieved alone.

Our AMDEX team understands that our customers are operating on many fronts at once. Success requires quality interaction from employees in order to engender trust from clients. This will ultimately deliver on the client’s straregic objectives. Dedication to excellence is at the core of our commitment and we put this into practice each day. We are represented by a team of talented individuals who strongly believe in the company’s motto; “The best reward for a job well done is the opportunity to do more.” Our team is guided by AMDEX’s core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, respect, and innovation. It’s how we as individuals, and collectively as an organization, drive toward a positive impact for our customers.

While we continue to make progress toward improving and streamlining operation processes, our ultimate goal is to perform better than the previous year.

Plans are already underway to drive improvements as we move into next year.

  • Continued development of solutions that extend the value of Workday administration services
  • Improving internal measurements that help us deliver better reporting, and in real time
  • Providing practical guidance and training internally that is aligned with our corporate strategy and customer commitments
  • Scrutinizing processes and structures. Along with assessing the ways we can become more efficient while driving toward performance
  • Providing tools and new approaches that deepen relationships with customers

We are on a continuous journey of learning and improvement. We will measure our progress against the highest standards and believe we can make the greatest impact when we maintain a deep commitment to addressing our challenges with transparency and integrity. And as always, a focus on you!

Devinder K. Singh
President & CEO