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Mobile Solutions for Public Health

Photo of stethoscope and a tablet with medical gauges on screen
Mobile health is the practice of medicine and public health, supported by mobile devices. AMDEX uses this practice  to provide public health solutions to help the government meet its goals around the world. Mobile Health applications include the use of mobile devices to collect community and clinical health data; deliver healthcare information to practitioners, researchers, and patients; monitor in real-time patient vital signs; and provide direct care (via mobile telemedicine).

AMDEX understands that mobile health has many benefits, including improved access to healthcare and health-related information (particularly for hard-to-reach populations), improved ability to diagnose and track diseases, timely, more actionable public health information, and expanded access to ongoing medical education and training for health workers.

AMDEX Offers
  • Remote Care Solutions –  Aging global demographics and chronic disease epidemics are forcing healthcare providers to find new ways to maintain the quality of patient care. AMDEX offers remote care solutions that help move costs and care away from the hospital and primary care environments.  

  • Mobile Flexible Working Solutions – Secure mobile data services are giving back valuable time to field workers. AMDEX solutions are designed to safeguard confidential patient data while providing secure access for corporate resources, applications, and email. These solutions include:
    • Condition management  
    • Hospital to home 
    • Assisted living
    • Field force enablement 
    • Mobile medical records 
    • Lone worker safety and security

  • Access to Medical Information –  The increasing popularity and availability of mobile devices and network availability across the world is making it possible for developing countries to tackle health issues that were previously beyond their control. From providing education to remote healthcare workers to monitoring drug stocks to preventing usage of counterfeit medications and enabling disease tracking, AMDEX solutions address:
    • Supply, logistics, and safety 
    • Training and awareness 
    • Disease outbreaks

Other Service Offerings Include
  • Emergency Response Management – Providing first responders with situational awareness, geospatial information and other command and control tools
  • Field Inspection – Standardized, template-driven processes for capturing, evaluating and reporting information
  • Performance Dashboards – Configurable scorecards for assessing real-time operational metrics
  • Biometric Identification – Enabling assured recognition and classification of individuals in the field
  • Asset Management – Identification, authentication, and tracking of physical assets across remote environments
  • Constituent Services – Providing citizens with customized applications to streamline, automate, and improve their interactions with government
  • Personal Productivity – On-demand access to productivity tools and enterprise information for executing core business tasks
  • Case Management – Giving case workers direct access to documents and processes on location
  • Transaction Processing – Bringing secure e-commerce capabilities to remote locations