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Mobile Enterprise Solutions

There is a growing demand for mobile enterprise solutions. As an Authorized Apple Systems Integrator, AMDEX Corporation (AMDEX) uses cutting-edge and powerful Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) and Mobility Solution Centers to allow federal agencies to quickly make decisions and improve their real-time communications. AMDEX offers technical knowledge and resources that ensure successful implementation and integration of new and existing mobile hardware and software across organizations of any size. We use industry standards and best practices to ensure streamlined implementation regardless of deployment method and scale.

  • Mobile App Management for deploying new apps, provide updates to deployed apps, control which apps can be installed, and remove apps and data (such as "wiping the device") when necessary

  • Mobile Device Management to control devices and have the ability to lock down device functionality (camera, infrared port, WiFi, and Bluetooth); to dictate which apps can be running to establish a secure connection

  • Transmission Security of sensitive information over the public internet that raises user productivity while maintaining a higher level of security

  • In-House App Store to meet strict security needs and aid the administration of moible app

  • Backend App Authentication for managing consistent user rights to ensure proper access that enhances app productivity and capabilities

  • Storage Security for implementing data encryption to ensure information stored on mobile devices is secure and only accessible to the proper users