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Community Outreach

In keeping with our core values and our belief in the value of public service, AMDEX has developed a Community Outreach Program. Our mission is to improve the communities where AMDEX employees work and live and make a positive contribution to social well being.

How We're Helping: AMDEX's 1 + 1 Commitment


Photo of an event at Walter Reed
At AMDEX, we regularly partner with a local charity and commit our time and resources to its volunteer projects. Each partnership is active for two years. AMDEX's current philanthropic partner is the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

AMDEX recently completed its latest community outreach project with the U.S. Army Volunteer Corps (AVC), a government agency responsible for enhancing the well being of U.S. soldiers and their families through volunteer work. Our headquarters staff, along with their family and friends, spent a Saturday at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the U.S. soldiers at the Family Fun Fest. Alongside other volunteers, AMDEX staff set up equipment, ran food stations, and greeted and escorted guests at the event. 

After the event, the Army Volunteer Corps program manager sent the following message to the AMDEX team, "The ACS Team really appreciates the generosity and professionalism you had shown throughout the day to our soldiers, family members, and staff."

Plus One...

AMDEX actively volunteers our time and resources with a second charitable organization on a rotating quarterly basis. 

Project Spotlight

AMDEX adopted a local military family (through the Walter Reed Army Medical Center) for the holiday season. The family consisted of an E-4 Marine, a very busy mother, and three young children. AMDEX staff raised money towards providing holiday gifts for the children. In addition, we hosted the family at AMDEX headquarters for a holiday meal. According to mom and dad: "without your generosity we'd never be able to give our kids a Christmas."

Charities AMDEX Supports

  • Bethesda Cares,Inc
  • American Red Cross
  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • U.S. Army Volunteer Corps
  • University Hospital in Boston